Effective way of signal strengthening

After survey all over India, it was found out that people have to face the problem of using clear calls and internet on the phone due to weak mobile signal, for which we have given 13 best ways after considering it. Clear calls and increasing internet speed may help.

best ways to boost your cell phone signal

01. by installing signal booster

The function of cell phone signal booster is to replicate the 3G 4G network of all the operators in a particular place after receiving the signal outside the house, so we can also call it signal repeaters. When you face the problem of cell phone signaling, you miss the signal booster, because the signal booster can provide clear signal and increase the speed of internet by providing full signal in your house where there is no signal at all.

by installing signal booster

02. By using your wifi network

If the signal inside your home is weak and unable to make a clear call, you can use broadband landline Internet instead of cellular networks for WiFi calling and web connection. For this, you have to go to the settings option of your mobile and turn on the WiFi calling option.

Nowadays WiFi calling option all major smart phones Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, all these devices have WiFi calling option using which you can get rid of the signal problem a little.

By using your wifi network

So if landline internet is available in your home, then you do not have to worry about weak network at all because you can enjoy clear time by using WiFi calling compatible cell phone using WiFi calling option.

But you have to take care; if your wifi internet speed is weak then wifi may not be useful at all. For this you need to speed up WiFi internet speed.

03. By Femtocell

Femtocell is a device that acts as a microcell or network extender. It relies on having broadband landline internet to convert landline internet to cellular signal and vice versa. Through which you can enjoy clear talk on the phone.

By Femtocell

04. Using mobile hotspots

A mobile hotspot is a type of 4G routers that people use to run 4G Internet instead of WiFi or landline, because it is wireless and can be kept very easily in the house. Now-a-days mobile hotspots are used as an alternative to the Internet, used by people who need to run multiple devices simultaneously.

Using mobile hotspots

05. You should find the cell phone tower near you.

Cell phone towers have been installed in every village across India, so you should make your home or stay near the cell phone tower, because the signal is very strong near the cell phone tower. If the signal strength near the tower is – 50Dbm, which is very well observed, the apparent time can be enjoyed on this strength, so according to our suggestion you will find your house near the cell tower about 2 Should be built around miles, because the closer the cell phone tower is to you, the stronger the signal will be.

You should find the cell phone tower near you

You can find the distance of cell phone tower through online app on your mobile which are as follows:

CellMapper: This app is used by people installing cell phone signal towers. This app can get much information such as location of cell phone tower, broadcast direction. It is updated regularly, which means that all the new towers are installed, the information of this app is updated regularly.

Information about the location and coverage quality of cell towers can be obtained by these applications. This app shows the direction of the cell phone tower as well as a map of the tower and shows the signal quality in that area. Although the apps are not built by any cell phone tower founders, however, many users use them to learn signal strength.

Use your own phone to measure the signal

If you do not have this app available, then you can also find out about the cell phone tower through your Smartphone, as well as check the signal strength of the cell phone by going to your mobile's Settings option. All devices are seen network strength between -50 DBM to -120DBM. – The 50DBM signal is considered better.

06. Try to reduce interference

Cellular radio frequency is a very large technology used to connect people to each other and email on mobile or computer and to meet the need of fast internet utility. For this, you should reach the radio frequency cell tower independently. If there will be any kind of obstruction in the frequency to reach you from the cell tower, then the frequency will not reach or break you, due to which you will face problem in running clear calls and internet on your mobile phone, because we are some such villagers Areas where radio frequencies are blocked by mountains due to very high mountains and in other areas Does not reach, where the signal is too weak, so people do not create any obstacle between the need to try it to cell towers and their home, such as extremely high building, tall trees, high mountains, which hinder network.

Try to reduce interference

There are 5 main reasons for weak mobile signal:

1. Due to the distance from the tower: Due to the distance from the tower: People start building their home far away from the cell tower because they are aware of the physical distance because the cell tower has the ability to transmit signals which is about 5 kilometers around in the rural area but The cell towers in the city are less able to transmit single because there are many types of networks available and there are many more customers as well. Due to signal cannot reach for a long distance, people in rural areas have to face the problem of weak single.

2. External barriers: Except for sunlight, very large tall objects outside that can absorb or obstruct the signal, such as trees, mountains, valleys, dense forests, marshes, very high houses, etc.

3. Building Materials: There are many types of objects used in the construction of a house, which obstruct the signal inside, such as a thick wall of concrete, lining, it, glass, wood, all of them block the signal, so the house During construction, people should keep in mind that window doors should be installed inside the house so that air and light can reach inside the house easily.

4. Internal interference: Nowadays, there are many electronic devices inside the house that affect the magnetic cell phone signal.

5. Weather and Supernatural Events: Often in the rainy season, very fast lightning with light rain, thunder clouds, all of them affect the cellular network, in which case sometimes the signal goes away at all.

07. Check your phone settings

Sometimes the signal problem or calling problem can also be caused by the disturbance of your phone settings, so you should check your mobile settings, if the signal is showing and cannot be spoken, then you should go to the mobile settings option Change the setting of the mobile or turn it off and on again because there are many people who keep the mobile 4G enabled and the voice is also on 4G. The problem could be.

Check your phone settings

08. The battery of the phone should be full

Power is needed when talking on the phone or while running the internet, if your mobile is not full charged and the battery is very low, then there may be a problem for your phone to connect to the cell tower, which causes a voice call to break. , This is why, the smartphone should be put in battery saving mode. Some measures are being given to save battery, which you can save your mobile battery on following:

1. You should turn on your mobile data, Bluetooth, hotspot, such as options only when needed, if not needed, then keep it closed.

2. The screen light of the mobile should be kept low.

3. After use, all unnecessary applications should be shut down, because mobile data and battery continues to be spent on running unnecessary applications.

The battery of the phone should be full